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Great stocking filler for Christmas | Windrush Gear

Performance Driven Headgear

Windrush ® headbands counter wind noise so your ears tune directly into their environment. Perfect for all outdoor activities!

Great stocking filler for Christmas

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  • Reduce wind noise by 75%!
  • Hear everything except the wind
  • No muffling of voices or other sounds
  • Breathable, waterproof and windproof
  • Warm and comfy micro fleece lining
  • iPod friendly, hear your music, not the wind!
Great for many outdoor sports from Running to Golf

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what our customers are saying...

Dear sirs,

Well, I have given my new Windrush headband a good workout over the past couple of weeks since I bought it, and I can honestly say that I am thrilled.

I used to get sore ears while out on the bike, particularly when enduring the cold Cotswold winter wind. Last Sunday, I did 30 miles wearing my new headband and felt no soreness at all. Not only that: my head was kept warmer and the noise was dramatically reduced, making it far safer and more enjoyable to keep pedalling.

Well done for designing such a great product, and so well made.

Yours faithfully, and with nice warm ears

- Rupert , March 2008, Cotswolds, UK

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