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Great stocking filler for Christmas | Windrush Gear

Performance Driven Headgear

Windrush ® headbands counter wind noise so your ears tune directly into their environment. Perfect for all outdoor activities!

Great stocking filler for Christmas

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  • Reduce wind noise by 75%!
  • Hear everything except the wind
  • No muffling of voices or other sounds
  • Breathable, waterproof and windproof
  • Warm and comfy micro fleece lining
  • iPod friendly, hear your music, not the wind!
Great for many outdoor sports from Running to Golf

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what our customers are saying...

Many outdoor enthusiasts have love-hate affairs with headbands; ears warm, can’t hear the sound of the outdoors; forehead warm, start working and it soon becomes a swamp of perspiration dripping sweat into the eyes; and especially for helmet wearing cyclists with big-heads, there is no way to get the helmet & headband on without gouging a groove under the chin.
Did the Windrush prevent the rush of wind? Yes; with a heavy frost on the ground my ears remained warm, without being overheated. Sweat? The eVent breathable fabric, along with the thinner material over the forehead, meant no sudden blinding drops of sweat jeopardised safe progress or caused annoyance. Sounds? There was no muffling effect, whilst wind noise was reduced significantly. This is due to the construction of the ear coverings. Better still, traffic sound was clear - a real aid to safety - and the dawn chorus came through too. The fit was perfect; as a helmet wearer with a big head, a tight fit, but perfect. So comfortable was I that I had plenty of time to ponder drawbacks, but gave up because I could find none. I can heartily recommend this winter warmer.

- Cycling World Magazine, UK. March 2009

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